Welcome to our PGL visit page for September 2015.  We will update the website each day so that you can see what we have been up to!
Wednesday 1pm.   All arrived safely and looking forward to finding rooms and starting activities.
Wednesday 1:50pm
All settled in. Raft building and survivor challenges this afternoon.
Wednesday 5pm
Having a great time - raft building was great and we made a great den!!!
Thursday 8:40am.
Great nights sleep we are looking forward to the giant swing, fencing and lots of other things!!!
Thursday 1pm
Having a fabulous time, will be flexing and orienteering this afternoon
Thursday 7pm
Had a great day.  Mr Hill cam to see us and was impressed with our teamwork and the way in which we settled down at bedtime.  A few of us are getting tired so the teachers are hoping for a quiet night.
Friday 7:50am
All slept well and we are looking forward to the activities for the day - we will see you later!