Flu Immunisation


8th October 2020

You will have recently received a letter from the NHS recommending you give consent for your child/ren to have a flu immunisation in this year’s programme.
This letter has been sent out nationally to all families with children eligible for a flu immunisation this year.
The NHS nationally are not aware whether a consent has already been completed by you – receiving a letter does not mean that you need to complete the form again.
If you have not yet consented and wish to do so please contact them on 01522 372950 or visit their webpage https://www.lincolnshirecommunityhealthservices.nhs.uk/...
You are asked to present this letter with your child/ren at the time of their immunisation in school as it is barcoded and needs to be scanned – this is not necessary as they use online consent forms which contain all the information they require.