22nd April 2020

We have now set up 'Padlets' for every year group. A padlet allows you to upload photos and post about the work your children have been doing at home. Their teachers will be keeping an eye on these each day and are able to comment on what they have done. They can also send out messages/ reminders for you and the children. The links to the padlets are at the bottom of this post. They are also on the school website on the 'School Closure Work/Resources' page (see your child's year group). Once you are on the padlet you can also create your own profile if you wish! Please can we ask that you only post work from that year group onto their padlet. We can't wait to see what you have all been up to! The links are as follows:
Years 1 and 2:
Years 3 and 4:
Years 5 and 6: