Reports and E-Schools


6th July 2020

End of year school reports have been sent out today. For those of you whose children are not in school, these have been posted to you. Within the envelope there is also a letter regarding e-schools. Please can we ask that all parents/ carers read this carefully and download the app/ log into the account that we have created for them. One account has been created per child. If you have more than one child then you will able to switch between accounts via the app. From September we will be using e-schools to communicate important updates and reminders to you, as well as sending letters home electronically rather than in paper form. Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19 it is very important that we have a method of communication that is both instant and paperless. There are many other benefits to using the app so please can we ask that you download this so that we are all ready for September. Thank you for your support.