Spring Term Begins


3rd January 2021

Many of you will have seen and heard much in the press regarding school reopenings. At present, Isaac Newton will be open for ALL pupils as normal from tomorrow, Monday 4th January.
The Prime Minister has made it clear this morning that primary schools in areas such as Lincolnshire should continue to open as normal. As a result we will continue to follow Government advice until further notice and would expect children to attend school as usual from tomorrow.
The school has put into place many measures during the Autumn Term to protect our school community and we ask that you continue to ensure that you follow these upon our return tomorrow. Please ensure that you socially distance at ALL times on the school site and ensure that gates and pathways are left clear. We ask that you make space for other families when needed. All families should also follow our one way system at ALL times and enter and exit the school site as quickly as possible. To keep numbers on site to a minimum, please ensure that only one Parent/ Carer accompanies your child(ren). A copy of our updated school risk assessment can be found on our school website: https://isaacnewton.eschools.co.uk/website/covid-19/502864
From tomorrow, it will also be a requirement for Parents/ Carers to wear a face covering when they enter the school reception- unless they have a medical exemption. Please also remember that only one household should enter this area at any one time.
Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to school tomorrow.