Building Learning Power

20th September 2015

Last term we started to work on something called Building Learning Power (BLP). This is a way of learning developed by Professor Guy Claxton. He found that not only is it “What” children learn that is important it is also “How” they learn.

He found that as well as using traditional thinking skills, children’s emotional intelligence or learning behaviour (dispositions) changed how well children learn. These dispositions are inherent in all of us, they are not fixed at birth or when we leave school and they can be developed by anyone, regardless of age.

Professor Claxton divided children’s dispositions to learning into four main groups or capacities.

Resilience – How inquisitive, focused, determined and willing “to have a go” are the children?

Resourcefulness - How well do they make use of the tools and resources that are available, come up with imaginative ideas, make links and work on practising and developing their skills?

Reflection - How well do they organise and think through their work, make accurate judgements about how their work is going, know their strengths and interests as a learner and think how they can use these skills in the future?

Reciprocity- How well do they work as a member of a group, listen and make good use of information, understand others, understand others and give feedback, show initiative.

We have decided to work on one disposition from each capacity each term.  As such we will be working on the following:

Absorption - How engrossed are we in learning?

Imaging - How do we use our intuition to develop ideas?

Planning - Where we are going with our work and what problems that may arise?

EmpathyAre we aware of the thoughts and feelings of others.

The children have really enjoyed creating “Learning Heroes” in class. These are characters that developed the dispositions to super power level.

As such, On October the 22nd we shall be having a Learning Heroes Day. The children will bring home a white tee shirt on Friday the 9th October which they can decorate as the Learning Hero of their choice and wear to school on the 22nd. More details and information to follow with the tee shirt.