Classes Next Year

12th July 2016
The pupils had a great time during moving on morning on Monday. The teachers in each year group will be as follows:
Reception (2 classes)
Miss Mandefield and Mrs Addlesee
Year 1 (2 classes)
Mrs Brockington/Mrs Fulcher and Miss Dunford
Year 2 (2 classes)
Miss Howes and Miss Clark
Year 3 (2 classes)
Mrs Pask and Mrs Clark
Year 4 (2 classes)
Miss Freeman and Mrs Gaze
Year 5 (2 classes)
Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Moorcroft
Year 6 (2 classes)
Miss Jones and Mrs Roberts
As you can see, all of the teachers are remaining here at Isaac Newton next year. This is fantastic news and will ensure that we can hit the ground running in September.