Drop Off and Pick Up

5th September 2018

Drop Off and Pick Up

 It is likely that the Key Stage One playground will not be completed until the end of next week. We have therefore had to make some changes to the way in which children enter in the morning and leave in the afternoon.

There is no access to the Key Stage One playground by the front entrance.

Until further notice, all Key Stage Two children will meet on the Key Stage Two playground and be collected by their class teachers.

Reception and Year One children will go in through their normal doors.

The children in Year Two will meet in what is left of the Key Stage One playground and they will be collected by their class teacher and taken into school.

Please collect your children from their classroom doors as usual, apart from classes 5, 6 and 7, who will be led by their class teacher into the Key Stage One playground to be collected.

To ensure that entering and leaving the school runs as smoothly as possible, we would kindly ask parents to leave the playground areas as promptly as possible to ease any congestion.

To help parents who have children in both Key Stages One and Two, we will now open up the gate by the decking area outside of Year 1 and the wooden gate into the Key Stage Two playground. This will allow access through the Reception outside area and mean that parents do not have to leave the school site and go all the way around.

Thank you for your patience with this matter.