Flag Competition

30th April 2018
Flag Competition
I am sure that you are all aware that we have a school flag flying just next to the main entrance at school. We would love to have a new flag designed that represents the vision and values of the school. As such we are making the flag design competition an annual event! Any child in the school can enter by putting their design in the rectangle on the newsletter. The vision and values of the school are as follows:

Our Mission:
To unlock our children’s potential through a fun, challenging and aspirational environment; allowing each child to grow into a unique, independent and creative thinker, ready for whatever the future holds.
Our Values:
We will inspire each of our children, allowing them to enjoy school and to actively engage in their learning.
We will ensure that pupils know that learning begins when you are not able to do something. This is the point at which perseverance will ensure that new levels of understanding and competence can be reached.
We will create a safe environment in which pupils are able to deepen their understanding of all that is studied ensuring that children are inquisitive and self-motivated.
We will work with all children to ensure that they have high expectations of themselves, understand the world of possibilities for their own futures and have a pathway to achieve success.