9th November 2016
INSPIRE+ (Please Vote)
Your schools local sports charity, Inspire+, wants to build upon the success of the Paralympic Games and inspire young people, especially those with a disability into participating regularly in disability sports. Inspire+ have currently been shortlisted in the Aviva Community Fund Appeal and need your help to secure votes!
If this bid is successful Inspire+ will provide local schools with after school multi disability sports that will include boccia, goalball and new age curling sessions delivered weekly in termly blocks by a specialist coach.
Inspire+ envisage that if this bid is successful 800 young people will be engaged in sessions after school on school sites.
It takes no more than 5 minutes to vote, and once registered you have 10 votes......which can all be given to Inspire+! When you have registered/logged in please search for Inspire Plus and that should take you directly to our page and allow you to vote! DEADLINE TO CAST VOTES IS 12 NOON, 18th NOVEMBER.
To vote please follow this link:
Many thanks for your continued support of our local independent charity.