New Headteacher

18th May 2018
I am delighted to begin this newsletter by announcing the appointment of my successor. Mr Chris Heathcote will begin as the Headteacher here at Isaac Newton in September! Mr Heathcote is currently the Deputy Headteacher at Claypole Primary School. He has been appointed following an extensive search and I am sure that Mr Heathcote is the right person to ensure that Isaac Newton continues to be brilliant and becomes even better.
It has been an extremely demanding week for the children in both Year 6 and Year 2 this week. They have all been taking their SATs tests. Despite our best efforts to ensure that the tests are as stress free as possible there is always a degree of anxiety amongst the pupils. The results (for Year 6) take quite a while to come back, however whatever grade children are awarded we are extremely proud of them. Our pride is not as a result of this week, but rather because of the attitude that each of them has shown throughout the year so far.