SATs week (Year 6s)

16th March 2018

SATs week

This Year the pupils in Year 6 will take their Standard Attainment Tests (SATs) on the following dates. 

Mon 14th May

Grammar test followed by:

Spelling Test

Tuesday 15th May

Reading test

Weds 16th  May

Maths Paper 1 (arithmetic) followed by

Maths Paper 2 (reasoning)

Thurs 17th May

Maths Paper 3 (reasoning)

We do not want the pupils to become stressed or disenchanted with school during the build-up.  As such we have explained that we do not mind how each pupil does so long as they try their hardest.  The SATs are important as they are used to gauge future progress, especially in Year 11 (GCSE year).  As such doing well now is a firm foundation for the future.