Sports Days

10th June 2016
Sports Days
Sports days are approaching quickly. As ever we will expect all children to participate unless their Parents/Carers have discussed any injuries or issues with the pupil’s class teacher.
Sports Day for pupils in years 3-6 will take place on 29th June. Children should arrive at school at the usual time in their PE kit. It would be great if as many pupils as possible were able to wear a t-shirt in the colour of their house. As soon as the registers have been taken we will set off for the Meres. Parents/Carers should meet us there (we hope to begin at approximately 9:30am). We will then compete and have a prize giving at the end. All children in the Juniors will have a packed lunch on sports day. Those who have booked a hot meal will be provided with a pack up by the school.
Sports day for pupils in the Foundation Stage and Years 1/2 will take place on 8th July. Again pupils should arrive in their PE kit. Parents and Carers should drop their children off as normal and then head to the school field. We will register the children and then bring them onto the school field as quickly as possible in readiness for the races. Please remember to send in a hat and a water bottle. You should also ensure that pupils have applied sun cream prior to their arrival at school.
For both sports days we would love to see as many Parents/Carers and Grandparents as possible!