Staying Safe Online

21st January 2016

Staying Safe online

At Christmas many children receive some brilliant electronic gifts including computers, tablets, consoles and games for electronic devices. As technology continues to develop quickly it is important to ensure that you have safeguards in place when your child is using such devices. This week we are highlighting a couple of helpful resources whilst reminding you about aspects of gaming that can cause concern.

Think U Know:

This is a fantastic website with age appropriate sections for children as well as a brilliant guide for parents. It has a wealth of information alongside games/clips to help your child to understand both the benefits and drawbacks of the internet. Simply google ThinkUKnow to find the site.


Kidsrex is a child friendly search engine which filters out most of those websites that you would not like your child to come across when searching. Whilst no search engine can ever guarantee it is 100% free of inappropriate content this is certainly a lot more robust than the search engines that are usually used.

Chat Rooms within games:

A number of games commonly used by children in primary schools have chat rooms in which the players can begin conversations. This may be done either by typing messages or when children have headphones and a microphone. Such games include Minecraft, Club Penguin and other multiplayer online games. If you allow your child to use such games it is essential that you check the content of any typed messages or listen in on the conversations happening. This will ensure that you know should any inappropriate conversations take place and you will then be able to reinforce the idea of being SMART: