Weekly Round Up

23rd September 2016
It has been another busy week at school. The children are producing some fantastic writing based on the trips and experiences from last week and there is a real sense of purpose within each classroom.
House Captains have been selected. This is an important role as we expect the Captains to set a great example with their behaviours and attitudes, as well as performing responsible jobs. For those of you who are new to the school the children in Years 1 to 6 are each in one of the following houses.
                                   Foale – Green               Saunders - Yellow
                                   Roberston – Red           Tennyson - Blue
We have also selected our Bronze Ambassadors. These children help to ensure that the legacy from the 2012 London Olympics continues. They liaise with other schools and help to organise events so that children can see the value of sport in their lives.
Finally, we have begun appointing playground leaders. This is another important role for Year 6 pupils. Playground leaders are trained to run games and activities on the Infant Playground at lunch times. It helps the younger pupils to enjoy breaks whilst developing leadership skills for our older children!