Classes for Septmeber

6th July 2017
Class Arrangements for Next Year:
We are delighted to welcome one new teacher to Isaac Newton in September. Miss Haddock (who has been training as a teacher for the past 4 years) will be covering for Miss Clark who will begin maternity leave early in the new school year.
As ever, some teachers have changed year groups, however we have an incredibly stable staff. This
ensures that the children will be able to continue to make fabulous progress.
Finally, we are delighted to be able to inform you that Miss Dunford will be getting married during the summer break. As such she will return as Mrs Collishaw!
The teachers in each year group will be as follows:
Reception (2 classes)
Miss Mandefield and Mrs Addlesee
Year 1 (2 classes)
Miss Haddock and Mrs Collishaw (Miss Dunfords new surname)
Year 2 (2 classes)
Miss Howes and Mrs Pask/Mrs Fulcher
Year 3 (2 classes)
Mrs Clark and Miss Feekins
Year 4 (2 classes)
Miss Freeman and Mrs Gaze
Year 5 (2 classes)
Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Moorcroft
Year 6 (2 classes)
Miss Jones and Mrs Roberts