Welcome to our school website. Please take a look around to find all of the latest news and events.

Isaac Newton School is a primary school in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Our Mission:

“To be the best that we can be in everything that we do.”

Our Values:

To treat others as we would want to be treated, making sure that we are understanding of those who are different to ourselves.

To feel good about ourselves and to take pride in our work and our school- be proud to be part of Isaac Newton!

To take ownership of our actions and be responsible for making the right choices and the impact that they have on others.

To think of others before ourselves especially those who are in need. Be thoughtful, friendly and considerate to all members of our community.

To always try our best and to keep on going even when things get hard- learning only begins when we are not able to do something!

If you are interested in your child joining us then we would love to hear from you, simply call the school office on 01476 568616 and ask to speak to Mrs Haddock or Mrs Eldred.

With Kind Regards,

Mr D. Milner