Getting To School On Time

11th January 2016


This term we will be having a push to ensure that all children are arriving at school in time to begin the school day with the rest of their class.

When a child arrives late at school, they miss valuable learning time.  This is something that we must ensure does not happen.

The table below shows that way in which lateness can add up over time to make a huge difference to the amount of time that children are spending at school.  We teach essential skills during the first session each morning and any lateness can make a massive difference to pupils’ progress.  Phonics is taught first thing in Years R,1 and 2 – as such missing these sessions effectively makes reading more difficult for your child.  We welcome children into school at 8:50am each day.  Children are considered to be late if they arrive after 9:00am.  If they arrive after 9:20am they are marked as unauthorised absence for the morning!