Live Challenge Updates

The effort from everyone for this challenge has been extraordinary! We are just coming up to the halfway point in terms of time and have completed 10.5 marathons!
The weather isn't helping but we have less than 9 marathons to go now... how much exercise can you do in your own home?
As this page has been so busy, we will also be moving over to this page at 2pm to continue the live updates:
Keep going everyone!
1:35pm - Over 7km from Mrs Curry and her son!
1:30pm - Miss Taylor has spent over 2 hours going up and down her stairs! What a great effort!
1:20pm - Another returning member of staff!
Mrs Marrs and her husband have completed a combined 25 miles! We are now past the halfway point with over half of our time remaining...
1:10pm - 2 miles and a message from Mrs Yates
1:05pm - 31 miles on the bike takes us close to halfway!
1:05pm - A lovely 2.3 mile country walk for this family!
12:55pm - Mrs Moorcroft and her family have walked and scootered 2 miles each
12:50pm - Before and after shots from Mrs Brownlie's 3 mile walk!
12:45pm - Mrs Eldred is back from a wet family walk for a combined distance of 7.5 miles
12:40pm - Mrs Curry has a message for you all...
The total is flying up and we still have lots more pictures and distances to upload!
12:20pm - Mr Hill is back with a combined family distance of 14 miles!
12:10pm - Mrs Jurkiewicz picked up some superheroes on her 3.89 mile walk!
12:00pm - A great effort from this family! Let's hope the rain stops soon!
12:00pm - A family dog walk before the rain!
We are close to 150 miles and 6 marathons!
11:55am - Another fantastic family effort - a combined 5.75 miles!
11:50am - 4 miles with Mum - we love the Isaac Newton branding!
11:45am - A great family effort here with a combined mile!
We are close to completing 5 marathons...
11:40am - Mrs Atter's 5 mile walk turned into a run because of the rain!
She said 'Fab effort everyone, keep going!'
11:30am - 6km each for Miss Mandefield and her family!
Take a look at this great selection of pictures...
11:25am - A busy morning for Lorena - a walk in the garden followed by a Joe Wicks workout!
11.20am - Mrs Addlesee completed 3 miles just before it started raining!
11:20am - A combined 8 miles from this family!
11:15am - Laura and Mrs Baker have both returned from their walks!
Laura completed 3 miles with her Mum whilst maintaining social distancing. Mrs Baker and her family completed just over 3 miles each. Well done everyone!
11:05am - UPDATE FROM SCHOOL: 11 children along with Mrs Pask and Mrs Fulcher have completed a mile each!
We are now past 50 miles!
11:00am - A combined 9 miles for this family before lunch!
10:50am - Miss Taylor is about to attempt a 5 mile walk... up and down her stairs!
The total distance so far...
10:45am - Another 2 miles from Mrs Carlin and her family take us past our first marathon distance!
10:25am - Mrs Baker has started her morning walk
10:20am - Another 3 miles and our first pet joining in with the challenge!
10:05am - An early start for one of our pupils to complete an excellent 3.5 miles - well done!
9:50am - Laura is about to begin her exercise
9:45am - Mrs Atter has just set off for her morning walk
9:35am - An extra km from Mr Heathcote!
8:55am - Mrs Eldred is making the most of the sunny weather this morning!
"Getting ready, limbering up, sun's out, let's get ready to go!"
8:45am Mr Heathcote is kicking us off with an 8km (5 miles) run!
8:00am We are up and running!
12 hours...497.8 miles...the Marathon19 challenge in the fight against Covid-19!
Remember to exercise within Government guidelines and don't forget to send in your pictures and updates to the email address below...
Good luck everyone!
Ready for action!
We are almost ready for the challenge! Here are some ideas to boost your distance at home...
  1. Have two pots, one full of stones/socks/small objects. Place in a position at the side of the garden. Agree a route and every time you pass the pots you move an object from the full pot to the empty pot. Time yourselves - how long does it take to do the full route and move all objects from one pot to the other?
  2. Create an assault course using random objects such as balls of socks/garden objects/hurdles etc. Jump, run, side-step from one side of garden to other.
  3. Hide and seek. Parents have a set amount of objects. Hide them like a treasure hunt around the house or garden. How quickly can they be collected?
  4. Robins Nest. Younger ones love this. Collect items and put in the middle of the garden. Each sibling or even alone stand in far corners...collect as many items as you can, one at a time, and take back to their ‘nest’.
  5. Alphabet hunt. Children have an amount of time to collect as many items beginning with certain letters as they can.
The Challenge!
We know how hard it is for so many of us to not be together as a school community. So we have decided to set a school-wide challenge! Can we complete 19 marathons as a school over a 12 hour period??
This will take place on Thursday 30th April between 8am-8pm. Everyone can get involved, parents, children & staff. All you need to do is measure how far each of you have travelled on foot, whether it’s running or walking. You can include your daily exercise within this but you can also get lots of miles up by doing some running or walking in your own home! Once you’ve completed your exercise send an email stating how far each of you have travelled to:
We’d love to see all your pictures/videos of you during the challenge, the more the better! Remember to not make your videos too long otherwise you may not be able to send them via email. We will update the school website/fb page throughout the day, so any images you send will be sent with permission for them to be shared. We have set a target of 19 marathons which is nearly 500 miles!! To encourage you to do the challenge within your homes, we have listed a variety of games/activities that can do. These can be found on the school website using the following link:
If you are completing this challenge during your recommended exercise then please make sure you are adhering to government guidelines:
  • Only one form of exercise a day outside of your home, for example a run or walk, alone (if you are an adult) or with members of your household.
  • Keep 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household.
We’d love to see as many of you as possible joining in. We may not be able to be together, but we are hoping this will bring us together in a virtual way!!
Come back to this page on Thursday to see live updates of how we get on!