New School Proposition

12th February 2016
New School Proposition

I am sure that you are all aware that there is a new estate being built
on the North of Barrowby Road (A52) near to the Muddle Go
Nowhere. The estate will eventually have 1800 houses and will
need to have a Primary School built to ensure that children on the
estate are able to attend a local school. In order for a new school to
be built applications are made to the Department of Education. The
Community Inclusive Trust (of which we are a member) will be
applying to run the school which may open in September 2018.
Those of you who live to the north of Dysart Road may receive
leaflets informing you of a public meeting that will take place at the
Eden Hotel, North Parade on 24th February at 5pm. If you would
like to attend or have any questions then you can email to book your place or gain an answer.
The proposed school will only take children of Reception age in the
first year and will then take Reception age children in each of the
following years until it has all year groups from Years R to 6. With
pupil numbers increasing so quickly in Grantham this will help to
ensure that schools do not become overcrowded and that all pupils
have a local school that they are able to attend. The Trust’s
application for the school is far from guaranteed to go through and
in the event that it does it will not affect our school directly.
However I feel it is important that all members of the school
community are aware of the