Live Challenge Updates (2pm - 8pm)

WOW! 601.9 MILES...
Another 15 miles added, time for a quick count up...
Several miles combined (including Laura's food shop trolley!)
15.5 miles extra! Incredible! Some very creative ideas here...
More miles coming in! Another 6.4...
Another 67.2 miles have just come through!!!
We hope this challenge put a smile on your faces during these difficult times. We miss you all and can't wait to see you all again soon! 
More pictures coming up...
6:35pm - Another 13 miles have come through from two pupils, Mrs Giles and Miss Howes! JUST 5 MILES TO GO!!!
6:25pm - Mr Doughty just did 5 miles with his partner - another 10 miles = 18 miles left!!!
6:20pm - A mile each in their garden from this family - 28 miles to go! 100 minutes remaining!
6:05pm - Miss Jones has done 15 miles on the bike and Mrs Walker has informed us that Mr Walker did 10 miles - 32 miles to go!
6:00pm - The Pask family have done 9 miles (5 from Mrs Pask and another 4 from her daughters!) - 57 miles to go!
5:55 miles - Another 1.7 miles - 66 to go!
5:35pm - An 11-mile bike ride for this young man and his Dad! 67.7 miles to go!
5:25pm - Another 3 miles closer thanks to this family! 89.7 miles to go!
5:15pm - Mr Hearn has just completed a 4.3 mile walk - 92.7 miles to go!
5:00pm - Another 2 miles each for this young man and his Mum - 97 miles to go!!!
5:00pm Mrs Fulcher and her son have just done 3 miles each!
Less than 100 to go!
4:50pm - Mrs Atter has just done another 2 miles in her garden
It leaves us with just over 100 miles to go with 3 hours and 15 minutes remaining!
4:45pm - Mr Pask has done half a marathon for us today!!!
4:15pm - Another one of our former teachers, Mrs Thomas, has been on a scenic 4.4 mile walk to help us out
Some images from Mrs Toole's walk...
4:00pm - Miss Meads and her dog Mocha have just done 5.4 miles!
3.50pm - Miss Winston and her partner have completed 8.5 miles of running between them!
3:35pm - Keep going everyone!
Mrs Toole has just completed a 1.25 mile walk.
3:30pm - Miss Taylor is at it again!
She's recovered from her 6 miles up and down the stairs and done another 2.75 miles outside this afternoon! Wow!
Can you spot what school is in the background? We've turned the image around to give you an extra challenge!
3:25pm - 2 miles in the rain with Mum
3:15pm - The creativity today has been amazing!
One family have just completed a 5km driveway run/walk!
3:05pm - The weather still isn't great but another 3 miles have been completed!
5 hours, 167 miles to go!
2:55pm - A combined distance of 6 miles, well done!
2:50pm - Take a look at this amazing 3 mile nature walk before the rain came!
2:35pm - Mrs Walker takes us past 12 marathons!
She has just completed a 10 mile bike ride.
2:30pm - Mrs Roberts has walked 2 miles around her village
2:25pm - This young lady has completed over 8km!
2:10pm Miss Cowley has been for a 3 mile walk with her dog
2:05pm - Another great family effort with a 1 hour walk!
Welcome back everyone!
Here is what happened in the first half of the day: